10 NEW Advanced Tips and Tricks You Need To Know! – Apex Legends Season Two

let’s check kicking it off with our first couple tips that have to do with the new Flyers

there are three different types that you should be aware of first: there are the regular ones that were also spread around in season one and they pretty much just stay in the same area and fly in a circle around these areas the

the second type of fires are the perched flyers and these are also all around the map like the regular flying, ones now shout out to frozen throw from making this mini-map that shows all of the loot Flyers so if you want some bonus loot remembering a few of these spots can really come in handy each of the three types of Flyers make a ton of noises so you’ve probably already heard some of them this season. so far another tip here is a lot of people seem to think that you need to mag dump them and drop a ton of bullets in them in order to get them to drop the loot but honestly, just a couple simple tips are enough to get them to drop the loot you don’t always get to murder them by knowing that you can also draw the least amount of attention as possible to you now

The third type of fires are the Caged fires and they’re a little bit more scarce than the others but these are also spread around the map in various areas and these guys can actually help you in a couple of ways anytime there’s a player nearby they actually let out some roars so you can

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